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Sora was orphaned at a young age. When he was about five, a man named Xehanort adopted him and two other children--Kairi and Riku. They lived happily in his manor, at first. But then, one day, they were taken downstairs and into a lab, and were then each given a different dosage of a hallucinogen that Xehanort was working on. The results were different in each child. Kairi went comatose, Riku only hallucinated for a short time, and Sora... Sora never stopped hallucinating. He saw multiple people as monsters out to get him. And for awhile, he used to think they were all the same one.

In self defense, he began to kill them. The town they lived in had long since become a near ghost town, and law was a thing of the past, so it wasn't like he'd get in trouble. Xehanort didn't try to stop him. So Sora murdered people, thinking they were monsters, and to assure himself that it wasn't all just the same monster reviving endlessly or he wasn't going crazy, he left keys he'd collected in the orphanage on the corpses.

The color yellow is what, for some reason, broke him from the hallucinations. Anyone wearing yellow would not be seen as a monster, and instead a person. Xehanort theorizes this is because of the special plush charm that Sora had been clinging to for comfort--associating the color with safety instead of danger.
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